Thursday, March 12, 2015

Currently Partying in Portland

Richard Robinson, who blogs at Tip the Wink (formerly The Broken Bullhorn) reminds me that the latest Left Coast Crime convention--aka “Crimelandia”--kicked off earlier today in Portland, Oregon. Unfortunately, I am not participating in those festivities; other duties kept me at home. But of course the gathering goes on without me. Its events will include the presentation, this coming Saturday evening, of four different literary awards, including the annual Lefty (for best humorous mystery novel). If you would like to take a shot at predicting who’ll win, here are all of the nominees.

By the way, Robinson promises to “do some sort of update each day” in his blog. So check in here over the next four days.

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Richard said...

Thanks for the wave and ping, I appreciate it. Today was nice, good weather and a nice start. Tomorrow is a full day.