Thursday, February 05, 2015

“Mystery!” Aforethought

In his recently launched blog, Today in Mystery History, Robert Lopresti reminds us that it was 35 years ago today--on February 5, 1980--that PBS-TV debuted Mystery!, its anthology series showcasing mostly British crime dramas:
One of the hits that first season was Rumpole of the Bailey. Others that followed included Sergeant Cribb, Inspector Morse, Prime Suspect, Foyle’s War, and The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes with Jeremy Brett. Hosts: Gene Shalit, Vincent Price, and Diana Rigg. Nowadays Mystery! is part of Masterpiece. And let’s not forget those wonderful Edward Gorey illustrations ...
Click here to watch an early main title sequence from Mystery!

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RJR said...

I went to the premier party for MYSTERY! held in Mew York City. Still have my MYSTERY! paperweight they gave out.