Thursday, December 18, 2014

Step Up and Speak Out

Coming up shortly, we’ll roll out the sixth and final installment in The Rap Sheet’s “best crime fiction of 2014” mini-series. If you have failed to keep up, here are links to all of those write-ups:

Part I: Jim Napier
Part II: Kevin Burton Smith
Part III: Steven Nester
Part IV: Anthony Rainone
Part V: Ali Karim
Part VI: J. Kingston Pierce

It’s been fun presenting these rundowns of our critics’ favorite crime, mystery, and thriller works, but we do need to move on to other editorial endeavors (including tallying the results of our “best crime novel covers” poll). We encourage you now, though, to express some of your own opinions of which books in this genre, published during the last 12 months, most impressed or surprised you. Please use the Comments button at the end of this post to tell us what new works we should have read, but maybe missed, during 2014.

We thank you in advance for your thoughts on this matter.

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Ray Garraty said...

My favourite books of the year may not fit into the genre frames, but many of my choices have elements of crime:

Tigerman, by Nick harkaway
Orfeo, Richard Powers
Eyrie, Tim Winton
The Golem of Hollywood, Jesse Kellerman, Jonathan Kellerman
Us Conductors, Sean Michaels
Prayers for the Stolen, Jennifer Clement

Mass Incarceration on Trial, by Jonathan Simon
Violins of Hope, by James Grymes