Friday, December 05, 2014

In Case Santa Needs Some Suggestions ...

Since I have already begun cataloguing various selections of the “best” crime novels published during 2014, let me now add UK critic Mike Ripley’s top 10 list, as it’s offered in his December “Getting Away with Murder” column for Shots:

Brainquake, by Samuel Fuller (Hard Case Crime)
Darkness, Darkness, by John Harvey (Heinemann)
Cobra, by Deon Meyer (Hodder)
Bitter Wash Road, by Gary Disher (Text)
By My Hand, by Maurizio De Giovanni (Europa/World Noir)
Of Cops and Robbers, by Mike Nicol (Old Street)
A Dark Song of Blood, by Ben Pastor (Bitter Lemon Press)
The Suicide Club, by Andrew Williams (Hodder)
The Silent Boy, by Andrew Taylor (Harper)
The Reckoning, by Rennie Airth (Mantle)

That same column also provides observations about new books by Adrian McKinty and Michael Pearce, forthcoming works by Minette Walters and S.J. Watson, and the tiresome recent trend toward book covers that feature lone women running/walking away from the camera. Read it all here.

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