Thursday, October 02, 2014

Here’s Where the Plots End

This is good and bad news. As I mentioned back in March, the editorial staff of the long-running Webzine Plots With Guns has decided to close down the publication. However, they’ve just put out one final, well-packed issue first. The contents include stories by Dennis Tofoya, Rusty Barnes, Frances Gow, and Christopher Irvin.

I’m hoping that the PWG folks won’t be foolish enough to delete their site from the Web, simply because they’re no longer publishing. The ’zine has turned out some excellent short crime fiction since its founding in 1999. Its archives can continue to entertain more people over the years, who never read it during its heyday.

So long, Plots With Guns. It’s been a kick knowing you.

(Hat tip to My Little Corner.)

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Neil said...

I realize it feels like I'm toying with folks' emotions here, but rumors of PWG's death, etc etc...

The current team is leaving, and I'm working on a deal to hand off PWG to someone else (if he'll hurry the hell up with that final proposal he was supposed to send), and that includes leaving the archives up.

So I've never really wanted PWG to die, but I want to be certain that it'll go on with the right hands on the wheel. Crossing my fingers we'll have good news for you soon.

In the meantime, yes, PWG's editorial team of Sean O'Kane, Erik Lundy, and Gonzalo Baeza did some amazing work.