Thursday, June 05, 2014

Canadians Come Out on Top

During a special event held this evening in Toronto, Ontario, the Crime Writers of Canada announced the winners of its 2014 Arthur Ellis Awards. Here are the honored works.

Best Novel: The Devil’s Making, by Seán Haldane (Stone Flower Press)

Also nominated: Walls of a Mind, by John Brooke (Signature Editions); Presto Variations, by Lee Lamothe (Dundurn); Miss Montreal, by Howard Shrier (Vintage Canada); and An Inquiry into Love and Death, by Simone St. James (Penguin)

Best First Novel: Bait, by J. Kent Messum (Penguin Canada)

Also nominated: Almost Criminal, by E.R. Brown (Dundurn); The Silent Wife, by A.S.A. Harrison (Penguin Canada); Hot Sinatra, by Axel Howerton (Evolved); and Die on Your Feet, by S.G. Wong (Carina Press)

Best Novella: The Goddaughter’s Revenge, by Melodie Campbell (Orca)

Also nominated: My Sister’s Keeper, by Brenda Chapman (Grassroots Press); and A Woman Scorned, by James Heneghan (Orca)

Best Short Story: “Footprints in Water,” by Twist Phelan (Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, July 2013)

Also nominated: “Watermelon Weekend,” by Donna Carrick (from Thirteen, edited by M.H. Callway, Donna Carrick, and Joan O'Callaghan; Carrick); “Under Cap Ste. Claire,” by Jas. R. Petrin (Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine, October 2013); “The Emerald Skull,” by Sylvia Maultash Warsh (from Thirteen); and “The Third Echo,” by Sam Wiebe (from The Malfeasance Occasional: Girl Trouble, edited by Claire Toohey; St Martin’s Press)

Best Book in French: L’enfant promis, by Maureen Martineau (La courte échelle)

Also nominated: Saccages, by Chrystine Brouillet (La courte échelle); Et à l'heure de votre mort, by Jacques Côté (Éditions Alire); and Le fils emprunté, by Jacques Savoie (Éditions Libre Expression)

Best Juvenile/Young Adult Book: Bones Never Lie: How Forensics Helps Solve History’s Mysteries, by Elizabeth MacLeod (Annick Press)

Also nominated: Sabotage, by Karen Autio (Sono Nis Press); Apparition, by Gail Gallant (Doubleday Canada); and Who I’m Not, by Ted Staunton (Orca)

Unhanged Arthur (for unpublished work): Cold Girl, by Rachel Greenaway

Also nominated: Death at the Iron House Lodge, by L.J. Gordon; The Snow Job, by Charlotte Morganti; Descent, by Kristina Stanley; and Coiled, by Kevin Thornton

In addition, the CWC’s inaugural Grand Master Award--“intended to recognize Canadian crime writers who have a substantial body of work that has garnered national and international recognition”--went to Howard Engel, author of the Benny Cooperman private eye series.

Congratulations to everyone involved in this competition.

(Hat tip to Mystery Fanfare.)

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