Thursday, May 29, 2014

Now Debuting on Facebook

For a while now, readers have been asking me when I was going to create a Facebook page for The Rap Sheet. I’ve resisted taking on that task, partly because I didn’t want such a page to simply lead people back over to every new post in this blog … and also because I have had a personal Facebook page for more than two years now, and know exactly how much of a time-suck FB can be. Furthermore, I didn’t want a Facebook page to undermine the value of The Rap Sheet, with its longer, more thoughtful posts.

But today I decided, what the heck, I’ll give it a shot.

So all you Facebook fans can now click here to reach The Rap Sheet’s page. We will see how things develop. My intention is to use that page as a place to highlight crime-fiction-related news, look back at wonderful old paperback covers (some that I am not already writing about in my other blog, Killer Covers), point out the availability of interesting vintage crime/mystery TV series on YouTube and elsewhere, and maybe direct new readers of The Rap Sheet to some older stories they might have missed in the blog.

Feel free to “like” The Rap Sheet’s Facebook page if you find its content informative or merely entertaining.

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