Thursday, January 30, 2014

Hello to “Farewell”

Well, this is certainly an unexpected development. Les Blatt, who writes the fine blog Classic Mysteries, has filed a post mentioning a new project completed by UK novelist, critic, and Friend of The Rap Sheet Mike Ripley. His post reads, in part:
By coincidence, I also received an e-mail today from Mike Ripley, who writes the monthly “Getting Away with Murder” column for Britain’s Shots eZine, telling me that we are about to get a new mystery featuring Albert Campion, the character originally created by Margery Allingham. Ripley has “completed” the book, called Mr. Campion’s Farewell. Based on a conversation in the Golden Age of Detection group on Facebook, the new book is actually the completion of a book begun by Philip Youngman Carter, Allingham’s husband, but never completed. (Carter did complete an earlier manuscript left unfinished by Allingham, Cargo of Eagles. Curtis Evans reminds us in his blog, The Passing Tramp, that Carter also wrote two Campion books of his own, Mr. Campion’s Farthing and Mr. Campion’s Falcon. (To confuse matters further, the latter may also appear as Mr. Campion’s Quarry.) In any case, Severn House plans to release Mr. Campion’s Farewell in the UK on March 27th, with an e-book and U.S. edition due in June.
I always enjoy Ripley’s writing, so I look forward to seeing Mr. Campion’s Farewell in print sometime soon. Click here to find that novel for sale on the Amazon UK site.

READ MORE: More About Mr. Campion and Friends,” by Les Blatt (Classic Mysteries); “Philip Youngman Carter: Mr. Campion’s Falcon,” by Rich Westwood (Past Offences).

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