Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Let the Voting Begin!

I’m still probably a month away from posting a rundown of my favorite crime, mystery, and thriller novels of the year. But the books site Goodreads has already begun soliciting votes in its Choice Awards 2013 contest. The 15 nominees in the Best Mystery & Thriller category--including Stephen King’s Joyland, Marisha Pessl’s Night Film, and William Kent Krueger’s Ordinary Grace--can be found here. Links to the contenders in all 20 Choice Awards categories are here.

You have until this coming Saturday, November 9, to vote in round one of Goodreads’ “best books” survey. A smaller number of books will be included in the semifinal round, November 11-16. And then the last books remaining will be voted on from November 18 through 25.

At last count, 593,880 votes had been cast in this competition.


Craig said...

The list of nominees for mysteries and thrillers didn't make my liver quiver, so I did a write-in vote (for Ace Atkins' "The Broken Places"). I would encourage other potential voters to do the same: If you don't like the list Good reads came up with, pick a winner of your own.

Simran Saha said...

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