Monday, May 20, 2013

Good for Stephen King!

During an era when readers are being seduced away from bookstores (if they even have any such shops nearby anymore), this news comes as a wonderful and welcome surprise:
In a move to bump up physical book sales, Stephen King will not release an e-book version of his new novel, Joyland, The Wall Street Journal reports.

It’s something of a radical move for the man who stood onstage with Amazon’s Jeff Bezos in 2009 to introduce the Kindle 2.

This time King has decided to throw his support behind brick-and-mortar booksellers. “I have no plans for a digital version,” King told the
Journal “In the meantime, let people stir their sticks and go to an actual bookstore rather than a digital one.”

However, the print book is still available for pre-order from online retailer Amazon.

The announcement has been warmly received by bookstores, which have been hurt by the lower price of e-books, sales of which are up across the board.
You can learn more about King’s decision in the Los Angeles Times.

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