Monday, March 11, 2013

In Search of ... “Search”

Several years ago, I wrote a post on this page about the 1972-1973 NBC-TV series Search, which followed “a trio of field operatives working for a high-tech private investigations company.” If you ever saw that show, you’ll remember that Hugh O’Brian, Doug McClure, and Tony Franciosa alternated as the series protagonist, while Burgess Meredith kept track of them all in a high-tech control room.

(Right) September 9, 1972, TV Guide preview of Search

Then, just two years back, Warner Archive finally released a DVD version of the Search pilot film, titled Probe, which gave me hope that all 23 of the program’s weekly episodes might soon become commercially available.

Well, no luck so far on that score. But Mystery*File’s Michael Shonk did post a good piece last week that looks back at the eight installments in which O’Brian starred as field agent Hugh Lockwood. He even includes full video of “The Gold Machine,” the December 20, 1972, episode in which a concussion-deafened Lockwood heads to San Francisco in pursuit of a lost gold mine, assisted by kittenish medical expert Gloria Harding (Angel Tompkins). Blending drama with humor, that episode is a fine example of what the show had to offer.

This morning I see that Shonk has followed up his earlier post with one recalling the Tony Franciosa episodes of Search. He’s promised one additional piece, about Doug McClure’s involvement in the show. I look forward to reading them both.

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