Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Criminal Verse-atility

Gerald So, editor of The 5-2: Crime Poetry Weekly, reports that “there is now at least one entry scheduled for each day” of his site’s fast-approaching observance of poetic malevolence. As we mentioned previously, this annual blog tour invites writers to browse the 5-2’s archive of poems, choose a favorite, and then post something about that work (or its author) during the month of April. You’ll find the schedule of this year’s participants here.

Even though he has every day of next month covered, So says that other writers can still participate in this revelry: “I’m fine with multiple entries on the same poem or the same day.” If you’d like to add your voice to all the rest, simply drop an e-mail note to So here, or tweet @poemsoncrime.

This “30 Days of the 5-2” tour will begin on Monday, April 1.

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