Sunday, December 30, 2012

Prime Crime

Well, I’ve finally done it: posted both parts of January Magazine’s “Best Books of 2012” crime-fiction coverage. Click here to read all of Part I; Part II can be found here.

This year January’s critics selected 30 novels for particular bepraisement, from Declan Burke’s Absolute Zero Cool and Tana French’s Broken Harbor to Don Winslow’s The Kings of Cool, Robert Rotenberg’s Stray Bullets, and Lyndsay Faye’s The Gods of Gotham. These books were released over the last 12 months in the Unites States, Britain,and Canada. Reading through the selections, it’s clear that the crime, mystery, and thriller genre offers a considerable range of storytelling and deserves its current popularity.

So, do you think we missed praising any crime novels? Please feel free to make your own “best of the year” recommendations in the Comments section of this post.


Ray Garraty said...

Sadly this year there weren't Kevin Burton Smith's picks in there.

J. Kingston Pierce said...

Yes, unfortunately Kevin was too busy to participate this year. But I hope to include him in the 2013 selection process.