Tuesday, November 13, 2012

It’s All Dutch to Me

Roger “R.J.” Ellory, the well-known British author and regret-ridden sock puppet perpetrator, posted earlier today on Facebook about having been nominated for one of this year’s Crimezone Thriller Awards, given out by the Dutch magazine Crimezone. But it turns out that the nominees’ names were actually announced in late September. I just failed to see the news, as did others, including Janet Rudolph of the blog Mystery Fanfare.

Rudolph has since posted the list of nominees, which includes a number of familiar names, among them not only Ellory, but also Linwood Barclay, Lee Child, Gillian Flynn, Nicci French, Jussi Adler-Olsen, Emily St. John Mandel, and Deon Meyer. Yes, the book titles are given in Dutch, but many of them are easily deciphered.

What little I can discern from the Crimezone Web site, using online translating software, it appears that what’s on offer here is the longlist of contenders, and there will soon be a shorter inventory of finalists from which winners will ultimately be selected. I don’t see a date indicated of when those winners will be declared.

If anybody knows more about these awards, please share.

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Twelph said...

The list published on Crimezone contains the titles which can be nominated for the short list of 6 per category: translated, Dutch original and debut. From the 20th of November we will reveal one nominee per day. The Crimezone Best Thriller of the Year election will start on December 10.