Thursday, November 29, 2012

Even the Toy Department Isn’t Safe!

While doing some research for a Rap Sheet piece I hope to have finished next week, I stumbled across a Christmas-related episode of Man Against Crime, the 1949-1956 TV series starring Ralph Bellamy (and later Frank Lovejoy) as tough New York private eye Mike Barnett. The episode, titled “Petite Larceny” and embedded above, was originally broadcast by NBC on December 20, 1953, and as The Classic TV Archive explains, it finds Barnett “uncover[ing] a pair of criminals disguising themselves as father and daughter, trying to steal the valuable ‘Star of Bethlehem’ diamond necklace.” If, like me, you’ve never before seen Man Against Crime (syndicated as Follow That Man), take  a bit of time to enjoy this half-hour show.

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Ronald Tierney said...

I remember the show with the Bellamy. At some point in the show he had to say: "My name is Mike Barnett with two t's."