Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Promoting the Pack

I admit, I didn’t even realize this was Book Blogger Appreciation Week until I happened upon a note in Man of la Book earlier today. But since it is, and since I rarely pass up an opportunity to celebrate hard-working writers, I would like to mention some bloggers whose efforts I check on regularly. Not all of these people confine their coverage and commentary to books, or even to crime fiction, but they all clearly cherish the written word.

Paul Bishop -- Bish’s Beat
Elizabeth Foxwell -- The Bunburyist
Les Blatt -- Classic Mysteries
Declan Burke -- Crime Always Pays
Peter Rozovsky -- Detectives Beyond Borders
Nick Jones -- Existential Ennui
B.V. Lawson -- In Reference to Murder
Jen Forbus -- Jen’s Book Thoughts
Ronald Tierney -- Life, Death and Fog
Janet Rudolph -- Mystery Fanfare
Steve Lewis -- Mystery*File Blog
Patti Abbott -- Pattinase
John “J.F.” Norris -- Pretty Sinister Books
Andrew Nette -- Pulp Curry
Jedidiah Ayres -- Ransom Notes
J. Sydney Jones -- Scene of the Crime
Ayo Onatade -- Shotsmag Confidential
Sergio Angelini -- Tipping My Fedora

Wow, no wonder I can never seem to find enough time to write, what with having to read all these blogs ...

But seriously, if you are not visiting with these writers at least on an occasional basis, you’re missing out on some fun, some wisdom, and--in the best of cases--some damn fine writing.

If you’d like to suggest a few of your own favorite books-oriented blogs, please do so in the Comments section below.


Bill Crider said...

I had no idea, either. Thanks for the plug.

BV Lawson said...

I'm honored to be included in such fine company, Jeff! Your most excellent blog was one of the inspirations for me to jump into the blogosphere back in 2007. Thanks for the mention and especially for your continuing and dedicated service to crime fiction. (I read you every day.)

Andrew Nette said...

You do me a great honour, including my blog in the company of such a fine collection of writers. I regularly visit a number of the blogs you mention and now I have a few more to check out.

Richard L. Pangburn said...

I've enjoyed many of the same blogs since discovering The Rap Sheet some years ago now--and due to J. Kingston Pierce's support of crime fiction at large. Cheers for Mr. Pierce!

All I have to say to those listed above is, please keep up the good work.

Sergio (Tipping My Fedora) said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence Jeff - wonderful to be included with such a motley crew!

Louis XIV, "The Sun King" (Nick Jones) said...

Blimey, thank you! Exalted company indeed. I'm blushing!

John said...

As always I appreciate the plug, Jeff. I regularly read a good many of those you have listed as well. I think I'll have to investigate all the unknown ones...if I can find the time!

Ronald Tierney said...

Thank you Jeff. Doing a blog was inspired by Rap Sheet and begun during a particularly energetic period of my life — while I was temporarily on steroids. I had no idea things would change when the prescription ran out. So, for blogger appreciation month, thank you and Rap Sheet.

pattinase (abbott) said...

There is never a day when I don't stop by THE RAP SHEET. Thanks for the hard work that makes it all possible.

Martin Edwards said...

Jeff, I much appreciate your kind mention of my blog. Just as there isn't enough time to read all the great books there isn't enough time to read all the great blog posts, but yours are definitely must-reads.

Peter Rozovsky said...

This was news to me, too. Thanks for the big-up. You ought to have mentioned youreself!
Detectives Beyond Borders
"Because Murder Is More Fun Away From Home"

Peter Rozovsky said...

I ought to mention Adrian McKinty’s Psychopathology of Everyday Life blog. In addition to being one of our finest crime writers. he’s a versatile, intelligent, and highly entertaining blogger.
Detectives Beyond Borders
"Because Murder Is More Fun Away From Home"

Jiro Kimura said...

Thank you very much for counting me in.

Syd said...

Many thanks for the plug Jeff. I second or third or fourth the nomination of your excellent site to the list. It's an honor to be included.

BISH said...

Thx for the shout out!