Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Of Drugs, Dads, and Devotion

My Kirkus Reviews column this week is devoted to a review of Die a Stranger, the rewarding ninth installment in Steve Hamilton’s series featuring reluctant sleuth Alex McKnight. The piece begins:
If Steve Hamilton has ever written a boring book chapter, he must have consigned it to the yawning recesses of a desk drawer someplace—back there with furry old Tootsie Rolls and mangled Post-Its—because I’ve certainly never read it.

More often, I’m impressed by the high-pitched tension, multilayered plots and character enrichment that he brings to his tales about former Detroit cop Alex McKnight. I’ve even come to enjoy McKnight’s persistent bitching about the cold weather. He does, after all, live in Michigan’s remote Upper Peninsula.

In a town called Paradise, of all things.
You’ll find the remainder of my Stranger critique here.

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