Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Getting Neddy

The Crime Writers’ Association of Australia has announced its longlist of nominees for the 17th annual Ned Kelly Awards as follows:

Best First Fiction:
Ludo, by Boyd Anderson
An Absence of Discretion, by Allan Barbeler
Tobacco Stained Mountain Goat, by Andrez Bergen
When We Have Wings, by Claire Corbett
The Precipice, by Virginia Duigan
The Brotherhood, by Y.A. Erskine
Mad Men, Bad Girls and the Guerrilla Knitter’s Institute,
by Maggie Groff
Watch Out for Me, by Sylvia Johnson
Berlin Syndrome, by Melanie Joosten
Harry Curry: Counsel of Choice, by Stuart Littlemore
Murder and Redemption, by Noel Mealey
The Rook, by Daniel O’Malley
Prohibited Zone, by Alastair Sarre
The Cartographer, by Peter Twohig
The Courier’s New Bicycle, by Kim Westwood
Casino Kurnell, by Gas Wylde

Best Fiction:
De Luxe, by Lenny Bartulin
Hindsight, A.A. Bell
After the Darkness, by Honey Brown
Pig Boy, by J.C. Burke
Comeback, by Peter Corris
Siren’s Sting, by Miranda Darling
Whispering Death, by Garry Disher
Scared Yet? by Jaye Ford
Cooking the Books, by Kerry Greenwood
The Race, by Brett Hoffmann
Silent Fear, by Katherine Howell
The Broken One, by Stephen M. Irwin
The Life, by Malcolm Knox
The Sixth Key, by Adriana Koulias
Dangerously Placed, by Nansi Kunze
The Map, by Tobsha Learner
Harry Curry: Counsel of Choice, by Stuart Littlemore
The Prodigal Son, by Colleen McCullough
Chelsea Mansions, by Barry Maitland
Rip Off, by Kel Robertson
The Wreckage, by Michael Robotham
Love, Honour & O’Brien, by Jennifer Rowe
A Common Loss, by Kirsten Tranter
The Cartographer, by Peter Twohig
The Courier’s New Bicycle, by Kim Westwood
A Dissection of Murder, by Felicity Young

Best True Crime:
The Double Life of Herman Rockefeller, by Hilary Bonney
Mad Dog, by Peter Corris
Sins of the Father, by Eamonn Duff
Call Me Cruel, by Michael Duffy
Abandoned Women, by Lucy Frost
A Tragedy in Two Acts, by Fiona Harari
Partners and Crime, by Rochelle Jackson
Nice Girl, by Rachael Jane Chin
Detective Piggot’s Casebook, by Kevin Morgan
Gun Alley, by Kevin Morgan
Gangland Melbourne, by James Morton and Susanna Lobez
Gangland Sydney, by James Morton and Susanna Lobez
The Cruel City, by Stephen Orr
Cold Case File, by Liz Porter
Road to Nowhere, by Mark “Chopper” Read
Perfect Stranger, by Kay Schubert
Outlaws, by Adam Shand
The Prez, by David Spiteri

Congratulations to all of the nominees so far. Contenders for the 2012 S.D. Harvey Short Story Award have yet to be declared.

I don’t see any info on the CWAA Web site about when a list of finalists for this year’s Neddies will be released, but if precedent holds, that should come around the beginning of August, with the winners in each category to be named at the end of August.

(Hat tip to AustCrime.)

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