Monday, May 21, 2012

A Little Here, a Little There

House, the Hugh Laurie medical drama that won a healthy following among crime-fiction fans, will end its eight-and-a-half-year run on FOX-TV tonight. The occasion has spawned more than a few fond looks back at this quirky show. “Dr. Gregory House,” writes the Los Angeles Times’ Mary McNamara, “is arguably the best and certainly the most influential character to appear on network television in the last decade. As played by Laurie, he answered the question many of us ask ourselves daily: What would life be like if you honest to God didn’t care what anyone thought of you? Loosely based on Sherlock Holmes, House was brilliant and clearly broken (both physically and emotionally). He saved lives by solving cases, but his satisfaction came from the solution, not the salvation. ‘Everybody lies’ was his mantra, proving it his life's work--the truth would out, no matter what the cost to him, to his patients, to those around him.” Meanwhile, in TV Guide, “the cast and producers retrace the series’ highs and lows.” Tonight’s episode of House, “Everybody Dies,” will begin at 9 p.m. ET/PT. FOLLOW-UP: The L.A. Times talks with Hugh Laurie about his departure from House.

• The trailer for Skyfall, the long-awaited 23rd James Bond motion picture, doesn’t give away much of the plot, but it definitely whets my appetite for more. Watch it here. And learn more about the film in the May 2012 issue of MI6 Confidential.

• How do you spot a crime-fiction addict, asks Rhian Davies, then answers that question by pointing out a few common traits, including: “They will have a pet or pets and they will be named after a crime fiction author or character”; “They will know what 4MA is”; and “They will have an Amazon account older than their e-mail address.”

• The second season of ABC-TV’s The Rookies (1972-1976), including the original series pilot, will be released in DVD format on August 7.

• And with Memorial Day Weekend coming right up, destined to send many a husband outside with hamburger and steak fixings in hand, editor-blogger Janet Rudolph has put together a list of barbecue-related mysteries.

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Winifred said...

Never could get into House. Think it was because I could never see Hugh Laurie as the grumpy doctor. He'll always be the magnificent dope Bertie Wooster constantly outfoxed by Stephen Fry's Jeeves! A fantastic duo!