Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Up for the Challenge?

Time is running out for you to take a role in nominating contenders for the 2012 Spinetingler Awards. Spinetingler Magazine’s Brian Lindenmuth promised early on that he’d let this survey run until “mid-March,” and then announce the final list of nominees on Saturday, March 31. Beginning on April 1, readers will be invited to cast votes online for their favorite nominees.

Click here to register your choices in nine categories:

Best New Voice (authors with 1-3 books published)
Best Rising Star (authors with 4-8 books published)
Best Legends Books (from authors with 9+ books published)
Best Single-Author Short Story Collection
Best Multi-Author Short Story Anthology
Best Crime Comics or Graphic Novels
Best Opening Line
Best Short Story
Best Book Cover

Meanwhile, I see that Spinetingler is about halfway through a bracketed challenge to determine the best crime-fiction e-book of 2011. The tourney is now do to eight choices, with two more rounds of public voting to go. Visit this page to participate.

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