Thursday, February 09, 2012

So Long, Seersucker

Since we’d been led to believe, only recently, that It Couldn’t Happen Here ...”--the terrific blog devoted to that 1970s cult-TV series, Kolchak: The Night Stalker--would continue to offer new material for “a few more weeks,” we’re surprised by today’s announcement that it’s already shutting down, though not disappearing.

Over the last week, the blog has added posts about three never-filmed Kolchak episodes (“Eve of Terror, “The Get of Belial,” and “The Executioner”), as well as Mark Dawidziak’s look back at the books and graphic novels that either starred monster-hunting, seersucker-wearing reporter Carl Kolchak, or analyzed the original ABC-TV series. And today, David J. Schow recalls the very short-lived, 2005-2006 series reboot, The Night Stalker, which he notes “was cancelled right in the middle of a two-part episode, with four episodes unbroadcast until the series was re-run on the Sci Fi Channel in 2006.”

We’re sorry to see It Couldn’t Happen Here ... disappear into the night, but a link to it has been installed from The Rap Sheet’s page of archive sites, so it can be relocated easily the next time you want to remember one of American television’s most remarkable, if underappreciated, prime-time programs.

UPDATE: An index to all of the offerings in It Couldn’t Happen Here ..., complete with links, has now been established here.

READ MORE:Still Stalking Kolchak,” by Amber Keller (Criminal Element).

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