Sunday, February 12, 2012

Recommended Rivalries

Jen Forbus sure does love those crime-fiction bracket tournaments. In 2010, she conducted an online poll to determine the “World’s Favorite Detective,” which resulted in a win for Michael Connelly’s Harry Bosch. And last year, she asked readers to select the “World’s Favorite Amateur Sleuth”--a contest in which Brad Parks’ Carter Ross finally took home top honors.

This time, Forbus’ focus is on “Heroes and Villains.” So, she explains, “the corresponding bracket tourney will be protagonists versus antagonists. The tourney will run a tad bit different as all the antagonists (aka villains) will face off against each other while all the protagonists (aka heroes) will face off against each other, and then the lone remaining one on each side of the bracket will face off in the final week--during the theme week: Top Hero vs. Top Villain.”

She’s currently soliciting names of characters that readers think ought to be included--32 heroes and 32 villains, from either series or standalone novels. “You may nominate as many characters as you like as often as you like through March 4th,” writes Forbus. “Then I will tally all of the nominations, build the bracket and announce our competitors on March 7th.”

Click here to recommend contestants in this match-up.

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