Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Really, How Much “Darker” Can It Get?

AMC-TV’s much-publicized but ultimately disappointing crime drama, The Killing, won’t return to U.S. screens until April 1. However, the Danish series from which it was adapted is already looking forward to a third--and last--season, after winning over UK audiences in a subtitled version late last year. According to the Radio Times Web site,
The third series of hit Danish drama The Killing will probe the personal and moral consequences of the economic crisis.

Broadcaster DR has revealed that Sarah Lund’s final case will see her investigating the apparently random killing of a sailor. The unfolding story, again penned by Soren Sveistrup, will find Lund encountering the prime minister, the financial community and various social strata, all of which have been affected by the downturn.

Of the look of the new series, production designer Jette Lehmann commented: “We’re trying to describe a Denmark on the way down, which was not the premise of the first two seasons. It has become darker and heavier.”
You’ll find the full Radio Times article here.

(Hat tip to It’s a Crime! [or a Mystery ...]).

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