Thursday, February 23, 2012

Path Back to “War”

Following one abrupt cancellation by British network ITV (in 2007), a subsequent resurrection (brought about by viewer demand), and then a seeming conclusion to this TV series in 2010, Foyle’s War has won a brand-new season, which will offer a trio of two-hour episodes. Crime Time Preview’s Robin Jarossi reports today that
The setting for the much-loved period detective drama will shift from the war years to 1946-47, with Foyle in a new role of Senior Intelligence Officer on the trail of various traitors. The three stories--two written by author Anthony Horowitz, one by David Kane--will include Foyle [Michael Kitchen] tracking down atomic spies and a true tale of government corruption. “I have returned to Foyle’s War because there are still some amazing stories I want to tell,” says screenwriter and novelist Anthony. “The war may be over but Foyle’s career goes on.’ Honeysuckle Weeks should return as Samantha Stewart, who is now married.
An article posted on The Daily Mail’s Web page suggests that ITV’s willingness to invest in additional installments of Foyle’s War might be attributed, in part, to the remarkable success--on both sides of the Atlantic--of that network’s newer historical drama, Downton Abbey; ITV might be hoping, by bringing back the Kitchen show, to burnish its reputation for presenting high-quality period series. However, the revivification of Foyle’s War might have to do, as well, with the recent renown enjoyed by its creator, Horowitz, whose 2010 Sherlock Holmes novel, House of Silk, won numerous plaudits.

In any event, Jarossi says this new run of Foyle’s War will begin production in London this coming September. There’s no word yet on when the episodes might air, but we hope it will be soon.

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Naomi Johnson said...

This is wonderful news. My hopes for more stories about Mr. Foyle were fading.

Winifred said...

Absolutely brilliant news. It really is a wonderful series. No swashbuckling hero stuff just a decent bloke who won't be swayed to drop his standards for anything or anyone.

John said...

Michael Kitchen has an understated performance quality that is warm and honest. He really made the show irresistible to me. Plus Horwitz' writing and plotting in the first episodes were superb. He set the bar high for the other writers who followed. So glad to have Foyle and crew back.

Splendid Spatula said...

Great news, let's hope PBS picks it up again.

Fay said...

You just gave me a good reason to read House of Silk. Did not know H. was behind Foyle's War.