Friday, December 16, 2011

Pushed to Pick

Scottish novelist and blogger Tony Black was kind enough to invite me to participate in Pulp Pusher’s end-of-the-year nominations of “best books.” My humble recommendation is in rather exalted company, together with reading preferences from Ian Rankin, Cathi Unsworth, Ray Banks, and Adrian Magson. You’ll find all the choices here.


Anonymous said...

"Pushed to Pick"...indeed, from another great list. Special thanks to Cathi Unsworth for the re-print tip-off of The Furnished Room. I too have lived near Portobello Road for over two decades and see Laura del Rivo and her market stall. I love reading about the area, its characters and social changes, and this is a book I've longed to read for many years.

Tony Black said...

Thanks for the mention, Jeff. I'll be posting a few more 'best of' results on Pulp Pusher in the days to come.