Thursday, November 10, 2011

NBC’s “Mystery Movie” Turns 40:
Being Sally McMillan for “Slave Wages”

TV Guide’s February 17, 1973, issue carried this cover profile of McMillan & Wife co-star Susan Saint James. In it, she talks about meeting Rock Hudson for the first time, her brief modeling and singing careers, her first two marriages (of three), and her years as a Universal Studios contract player. Oh, and the “unsuccessful [TV] pilot” mentioned in the first sentence? That was Magic Carpet, in which Saint James played “an American language student in Rome who hires on as a tour guide.” (See more about Magic Carpet here.)

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Ed Gorman said...

Nice to know there's another fan of the NBC shows. Back when I was kicking both drink and drugs I stayed home a lot and became addicted to TV. The NBC mystery shows were among my favorites. I've always considered them a part of my healing process. Nancy Walker was probably my favorite character of the McMillan Show and Dennis Weaver in McCloud was my favorite of all the leads. Thanks for all the information you're giving us on those great shows.

Mike Doran said...

Just looking at that adorably cute little baby in Susan Saint James's arms ...

... who, if my math is correct, will be 40 years old next year.

(And in all likelihood looks just as good as Mommy did at that age - or for that matter does today.)