Tuesday, November 15, 2011

10 for 2011

Kirkus Reviews asked me recently to list my 10 favorite crime, mystery, and thriller novels of 2011. Keep in mind, the task was not to pick the 10 “best” such works published over the last year; that would’ve been impossible to do, as I didn’t read every book in the category. But I felt comfortable drawing up an idiosyncratic selection of 10 works--all published in the States, and arranged in no particular order--that I found memorable for one reason or another:

The Cut, by George Pelecanos
White Heat, by M.J. McGrath
Stealing Mona Lisa, by Carson Morton
The End of Everything, by Megan Abbott
The Keeper of Lost Causes, by Jussi Adler-Olsen
Stolen Lives, by Jassy Mackenzie
Field Gray, by Philip Kerr
City of Secrets, by Kelli Stanley
A Wild Surge of Guilty Passion, by Ron Hansen
The House of Silk, by Anthony Horowitz

You can read my short remarks about each of these books, plus a short list of “honorable mentions,” here.

Please feel free to mention your own favorite crime novels of 2011 in the Comments section at the bottom of that page.

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Adam Woog said...

Not a single overlap with my own list of top faves! I'll take this as a sign of the richness of choices for the year.