Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Upside of Summer’s End

There’s so much to love about summer and so much we’ll miss when it’s gone. But for all of us who love books in general and mysteries in particular, the onset of the third season means a delicious new crop of reading material. As Rap Sheet editor J. Kingston Pierce tells us in his Kirkus Reviews column this week:
There are certainly downsides to the approach of Labor Day and the concurrent conclusion of summer: no more afternoons lost while swinging in hammocks, no more hours spent in sweaty attendance at barbecue grills and no more surreptitious studying of bikini-clad youths on remote beaches. On the other hand, the cooler weather provides more excuses for hunkering down with a cup of joe and a promising book.
The list of books Pierce is most looking forward to perusing over coffee might surprise some people. What won’t surprise: it’s a gorgeous rundown of mystery reading, well-rounded.

You can see Pierce’s choices here.

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