Monday, August 22, 2011

Law, Order, and Lucre

On and off over its 20-year run, until its cancellation in May 2010, I was an enthusiastic watcher of the original Law & Order TV series. But would I pay $700 for a 104-disc, complete DVD set of that NBC show? (Or even Amazon’s reduced price of $489.99 for the same set?) Yes, this collection--due to be released on November 8--is going to come with all sorts of bonus features, according to TV Shows on DVD, including deleted and extended scenes, a set tour with the late Jerry Orbach, and cast-member profiles. But still ... $700? Hmm. There might be a few other things I’d like to invest in first.

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Barbara said...

That's an exhorbitant price for a series you can see in rerun almost anytime anywhere. They're good shows but . . . Well, don't pay any attention to me; I'm just a cheapskate.