Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Applying Perspiration to Inspiration

Would-be crime fictionists in the Chicago area might consider spending a day with Libby Fischer Hellmann, the award-winning Windy City author of Set the Night on Fire and six other novels.

“They say that writing a publishable novel is five percent inspiration and 95 percent perspiration,” the course material tells us. “In this hands-on intensive session, you’ll sweat it out by exploring the elements of craft that make a crime-fiction novel impossible to put down.”

The author will be working with all types of crime fiction, talking and learning about how “effective use of plot, narrative, voice, setting, character, dialogue, and suspense can take your work to the next level.”

There is a theoretical component to Hellman’s course as well as a practical one. And there are both September and October dates available. More information is available here.

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