Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Uploads and Updates

If you haven’t been checking out the St. Louis Bouchercon blog, you’ve missed out on some fine interviews with first-time Anthony Award nominees. The conversations are being conducted by author Julia Spencer-Fleming, who has so far buttonholed Graham Moore (The Sherlockian), Bruce De Silva (Rogue Island), James Thompson (Snow Angels), and others.

The full run of those interviews should be found here.

* * *

Meanwhile, Bouchercon organizer (and Crimespree Magazine co-editor) Jon Jordan sent out a message yesterday to people who’ve signed up for the September 15-18 convention. In it, he reminded everybody that tickets (at $25 apiece) are now available for the Sunday Anthony Awards brunch. Send cash or checks, along with your name, to:

Bouchercon 2011
536 South 5th Street
Milwaukee, WI 53204

Also, he writes, “If you plan to be on a panel, please please please get ... your 100-word-or-ess bio and a (small) photo to us by Friday; anything arriving after that may not make it into the program book.” Send those materials to Jordan at registration@bouchercon2011.com

Check the Bouchercon blog here for further updates.

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