Saturday, July 09, 2011

Now He Just Needs His Trusty Firebird

As a boy, I owned one of those classic G.I. Joe action figures. Nowadays, I’d much prefer to have the private eye Jim Rockford figure shown above. It’s not a perfect likeness of James Garner, star of The Rockford Files (1974-1980), but the effort is certainly worthy of praise. And it even comes with a miniature replica of Rockford’s kitchen cookie jar (right), in which the L.A. sleuth hid his gun.

Unfortunately, this item from the “World’s Greatest Super-Sleuths” collection “is not available in stores,” according to Facebook’s Official James Garner Fan Page. Instead, it “was made by a fan of the show.”

(Click on either image for an enlargement.)


Art Taylor said...

My wife would LOVE this! She's a big Rockford fan. If only it were really widely available....

K said...

That's MY figure! LOL! I am so glad others are enjoying it. The original URL is below. It is a custom "Mego-like" figure. Mego was a toy and action figure company that was huge in the 1970s and went bankrupt in 1982. Some of us dabble in the hobby, collecting original Megos but also making custom figures.

Thanks for enjoying my tribute to Mr. Garner. I hope to do a Bret Maverick figure fairly soon.


DyanRockford said...

K. Awesome Rockford Figure! I have to have it! Could I purchase it from you? Please I would pay you very well for it. Please consider it. Sincerely, Dylan.

bettehead said...

Hi, Dylan. You flatter me...thanks. He's not for sale, though. :D If I ever do sell him, I'll be sure to let you know.