Friday, June 24, 2011

Riches from Yesteryear

Another week brings another brilliant collection of “forgotten books” posts. The latest recommendations include these works of crime and mystery fiction: Death of a Lake, by Arthur W. Upfield; Bury Me Deep, by Harold Q. Masur; The Murder at Crome House, by G.D.H. and Margaret Cole; Swan Dive, by Jeremiah Healy; Death of a Dutchman, by Magdalen Nabb; Death of a Fantasy Life, by T.G. Gilpin; Big Man, by Richard Marsten (aka Ed McBain); Calamity Town, by Ellery Queen; The Benevent Treasure, by Patricia Wentworth; Tales of Zorro, edited by Richard Dean Starr; and “a forgotten book about forgotten books,” Double Trouble: A Bibliographic Chronicle of ACE Mystery Doubles. Oh, and don’t miss reading “A Man Couldn’t Breathe,” a long-forgotten short story by David Goodis, published originally in Detective Fiction Weekly.

Patti Abbott features a full list of today’s series contributors in her own blog, plus a couple more suggestions of neglected books to discover.

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Kevin R. Tipple said...

Thank you for the mention. It is always cool when you mention my blog.