Sunday, May 22, 2011

Snap Judgments

Most readers of this blog weren’t on hand for the events of CrimeFest 2011, which took place in Bristol, beginning this last Thursday. But fortunately, Rap Sheet contributor Ali Karim was there, and has sent back pictures. Click on any of these images for enlargements.

CrimeFest co-organizer Adrian Muller welcomes authors, fans, and others to the convention’s Gala Dinner.

Author Paul Johnston (far right) in the “hot seat” during the Criminal Mastermind challenge, hosted by Maxim Jakubowski. Johnston ultimately won that challenge, fielding questions about Sherlock Holmes, while fellow novelist Lauren Henderson (second from left) took second place, answering queries about Modesty Blaise.

Critic Peter Guttridge interviewing featured guest author Peter James, who’s also chair of the Crime Writers’ Association.

British thriller writers Charlie Charters and Matt Hilton signing copies of their books during CrimeFest 2011.

Writer Ann Cleeves (far left) moderates a panel discussion about translated crime fiction. To her right are Nick Sayers from Hodder & Stoughton, South African novelist Deon Meyer (another featured guest of this convention), Boyd Tonkin from The Independent, and Meyer’s literary agent, Isobel Dixon.

All photos © 2011 by Ali Karim

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David Cranmer said...

An impressive group of talent gathered.