Saturday, May 07, 2011

How Would Fiona Have Handled This?

While checking around today to see when the fifth season of USA Network’s Burn Notice is due to premiere (the answer: Thursday, June 23), I was reminded that it was in the 1992 movie Scent of a Woman where I’d first seen one of that action series’ stars, Gabrielle Anwar (who plays Fiona Glenanne). The winsome British actress was barely into her 20s when she appeared in that film with Al Pacino and Chris O’Donnell. But thanks to a particularly magical tango sequence with Pacino, playing a blind and retired Army officer, she threatened to steal the show--along with the heart of every male viewer.

Here’s that most memorable scene:


marty said...

A year or so before SCENT OF A WOMAN, Anwar played Johnny Depp's girlfriend in the Tom Petty video, INTO THE GREAT WIDE OPEN.

The SCENT OF A WOMAN clip is especially funny, as Chris O'Donnell is SO young!

David Cranmer said...

I just watched Scent of a Woman a few weeks ago. Anwar is beautiful and held her own against Pacino.

Linda L. Richards said...

Thank you. I'd forgotten that terrific scene.

Barbara said...

I missed Scent of a Woman so I'm particularly thankful. Fiona is a favorite TV character of mine so it was fun to see Anwar play an entirely different character, and to see such a young Chris O'Donnell.