Friday, April 01, 2011

Both to Read and Admire

Today’s collection of “forgotten books” posts is split between novels and works that are appropriate for placement on one’s coffee table.

In the former category, the following crime novels are up for consideration: The Three Worlds of Johnny Handsome, by John Godey; The Burning Court, by John Dickson Carr; Angel Hunt, by Mike Ripley; The April Robin Murders, by Craig Rice and Ed McBain; and Strip for Murder, by Richard S. Prather.

And as far as coffee-table books go, the following volumes should be of interest to Rap Sheet readers: Pulp Art, by Robert Lesser; The FBI: A Centennial History; The Doubleday Crime Club Compendium, by Ellen Nehr; The Celebrated Cases of Dick Tracy, 1931-1951, by Chester Gould; The Lost Files of Nancy Drew; and Great Detectives, by Julian Symons.

Patti Abbott has a complete list of today’s participants in her own blog, plus a few more coffee-table-type treats.

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