Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Aussie Rules

Thanks to Janet Rudolph’s Mystery Fanfare, we have the longlist of nominees for the 2011 Ned Kelly Awards, given out by the Crime Writers’ Association of Australia.

Best First Fiction:
Diamond Eyes, by A.A. Bell
Undercover, by Keith Bulfin
Prime Cut, by Alan Carter
While I Have Perdo, by John Chesterman
Who Killed Dave?, by Linda Cockburn
The Pericles Commission, by Gary Corby
Mosquito Creek, by Robert Engwerds
Beyond Fear, by Jaye Ford
Beautiful Malice, by Rebecca James
The Old School, by P.M. Newton
Five Parts Dead, by Tim Pegler
Line of Sight, by David Whish-Wilson

Best Fiction:
The Ghost of Waterloo, by Robin Adair
Follow the Money, by Peter Corris
Sharp Turn, by Marianne Delacourt
The Maya Codex, by Adrian d’Hage
Death Mask, by Kathryn Fox
Watch the World Burn, by Leah Giarrantano
Dead Man’s Chest, by Kerry Greenwood
Violent Exposure, by Katherine Howell
Gunshot Road, by Adrian Hyland
Fall Girl, by Toni Jordan
Silk Chaser, by Peter Klein
The Genesis Flaw, by L.A. Larkin
Naked Cruelty, by Colleen McCullough
Diggers Rest Hotel, by Geoff McGeachin
Let the Dead Lie, by Malla Nunn
How the Dead See, by David Owen
Red Ice, by James Phelan
Thrill City, by Leigh Redhead
Mice, by Gordon Reece
Hot Rock Dreaming, by Martin Roth
The Half-Child, by Angela Savage
The Neon Lady of Towitta, by Patricia Summerling
Bereft, by Chris Womersley
Shattered Sky, by Helene Young

Best True Crime:
They Shot Phar Lap, Didn’t They?, by Geoff Armstrong and
Peter Thompson
The Job, by Charlie Bezzina with Ben Collins
Enforcer, by Caesar and Donna Campbell
Murder No More, by Colleen Egan
Sin Bin, by John Elias
City of Evil, by Sean Fewster
Badlands, by Liam Houlihan
Abandoned, by Geesche Jacobsen
Inside Story, by Peter Lloyd
McVillain: The Man Who Got Away, by David McMillan
Shot Gun and Standover, by James Morton and Russell Robinson
Bank Robbery for Beginners, by Anthony Prince
King of Thieves, by Adam Shand
Mr. Asia, by Jim Sheperd
Honeymoon Dive, by Lindsay Simpson and Jennifer Cooke
Snitch, by Jimmy Thomson
Bumper, by Larry Writer

The shortlists for these awards will be announced in August. The date for an announcement of winners has yet to be chosen.

In addition, a competition is being held for the 2011 S.D. Harvey Short Story Award. Submissions will be accepted through May 31. Full guidelines and an entry form are available here.

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