Friday, March 04, 2011

Reads to Remember

In addition to J.F. Norris’ remarks, on this page, about William L. Stuart’s The Dead Lie Still, today’s Web-wide harvest of “forgotten books” posts includes the following recommendations of crime and thriller works: You’ll Get Yours, by Thomas Wills; File on a Missing Redhead, by Lou Cameron; Murder on the Aisle, by Ed Gorman; The Lenient Beast, by Fredric Brown; Final Proof, by Marie R. Reno; I Could Have Died, by George Bagby; Burn, by Jonathan Lyons; The Delicate Storm, by Giles Blunt; Black Hearts and Slow Dancing, by Earl Emerson; Portrait in Smoke, by Bill S. Ballinger; Scend of the Sea, by Geoffrey Jenkins; Blood Hunt, by Neil Gunn; The Last Dance, by Ed McBain; Ms. Murder, edited by Marie Smith; Serrano of the Stockyards, a collection of Anatole Feldman’s short stories featuring Chicago mobster Big Nose Serrano; and the true-crime book A Cold Case, by Philip Gourevitch.

Series organizer Patti Abbott has the full list of today’s participants in her own blog, plus a couple more suggestions of overlooked books.

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Todd Mason said...

I will suggest Richard Lupoff deserves a mention, even if his collection of parodies only deals with one primarily crime-fiction writer, Spillane, although a number of the other folks involves, from Malzberg to Vonnegut to King, have at least done some notable work in the field...