Thursday, January 06, 2011

So Much for That Marriage

Well, this is an interesting development, coming less than five months after Tyrus Books announced that it was acquiring Busted Flush Press. In a release posted earlier today in Bill Crider’s Pop Culture Magazine, Tyrus Books publisher Ben LeRoy wrote:
McKenna Jordan and I would like to announce the following:

“In early September of 2010, Tyrus Books, Incorporated entered into an agreement to acquire Busted Flush Press, LLC. Unfortunately, before the deal could be finalized, David Thompson, the owner of Busted Flush Press, died unexpectedly. The continued process of settling Mr. Thompson’s estate necessitated substantial reconsideration and subsequent termination of the proposed deal. McKenna Jordan, Mr. Thompson’s widow, will assume full legal and financial control of Busted Flush Press. Tyrus Books will no longer be involved with the operation of Busted Flush Press.
It’s too bad that what might have been a good deal for both independent publishers has perished, due to probate-settling problems.

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Graham Powell said...

This really sucks. I suspect it's because David *was* Busted Flush; what's there to acquire without him?