Friday, January 14, 2011

Old Reliables

There are lots of excellent contributions today to the Web-wide “forgotten books” series. In addition to Dana Cameron’s write-up on this page about The Man with a Load of Mischief, by Martha Grimes, the crime-fiction selections include: Appleby’s End, by Michael Innes; Speak of the Devil, by Joe Gores; Raven Settles the Score, by Donald MacKenzie; Here Comes a Candle, by Fredric Brown; Little Jack Horner, by Robert Leslie Bellem; End of an Ancient Mariner, by G.D.H. and M. Cole; The Delta Factor and My Gun Is Quick, both by Mickey Spillane; The Detective Wore Silk Drawers, by Peter Lovesey; Engineered for Murder, by Aileen Schumacher; Found in the Street, by Patricia Highsmith; Tin Soldiers, by Mark Leonard; and a selection of Green Hornet books.

On top of those, series organizer Patti Abbott hosts a review of James M. Cain’s Serenade in her own blog. You should also look there for a complete list of this Friday’s participating critics.

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pattinase (abbott) said...

I think this is the first time Martha Grimes has been mentioned. Amazing. We need more female reviewers, I think.