Saturday, January 08, 2011

“The Greatest Television Show of All Time”?

Dang it! I missed mentioning this anniversary yesterday. As Shroud of Thoughts’ Mercurie recalls,
It was fifty years ago tonight, on 7 January 1961, that the greatest television show of all time (in my humble opinion) debuted. The Avengers was an espionage series which centred upon a top professional (John Steed, played by Patrick Macnee) and a talented amateur (his partner of the moment) who protected the United Kingdom (and often the world) from various threats. Alongside Danger Man, The Avengers was one of the shows which precipitated a spy craze in the United Kingdom, preceding the release of Dr. No by a year and ten months. It would also prove phenomenally successful, running nine years--longer than any spy drama on British or American television. Worldwide it could possibly be the most famous spy drama of all time.
You’ll find the full and fine piece here.

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(Not the Baseball Pitcher).

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