Friday, January 21, 2011

Bygone Books

Although The Rap Sheet isn’t participating in this week’s “forgotten books” celebration, there’s no shortage of entries available. Among the works of crime and thriller fiction are: Angel’s Ransom, by David Dodge; Cases, by Joe Gores; Lonelyheart 4122, by Colin Watson; The Innocent Mrs. Duff, by Elizabeth Sanxay Holding; Half-Mast Murder, by Milward Kennedy; Stations Six--Sahara, by Michael Avallone; Shake Him Till He Rattles/It’s Cold Out There, by Malcolm Braly; The Mexican Tree Duck, by James Crumley; and The Colour of Blood, by Brian Moore.

Acting series host Evan Lewis has a full list of today’s participating bloggers in his blog, along with his remarks about a book that would have to see print before it could be forgotten: The Heart of Ahriman, or Robert E. Howard Fights Back from the Grave, by Bill Crider and Charlotte Laughlin. They all sound worth remembering.

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