Thursday, December 16, 2010

Tracking Travis

Now, you might expect a blog called Pornokitsch to be deep into other subjects than crime fiction. However, for the last several months Pornokitsch contributor Jared Shurin has been reviewing all of John D. MacDonald’s 21 Travis McGee novels in order of their publication. Today he offers his comments (not terribly enthusiastic) on Free Fall in Crimson (1981). He has only two more McGee books to go: Cinnamon Skin (1982) and The Lonely Silver Rain (1985).

You’ll find all of the reviews here. Shurin’s posts would be valuable especially to readers who haven’t dipped much into McDonald’s series about Florida salvage expert-cum-detective McGee.

1 comment:

Jared said...

Holy cow. I was wondering where all the blog traffic was coming from... I'm a big fan of your site, so thank you very much.

Hope your readers enjoy the reviews - JDM has long been my favorite author, and reading Travis (the good & the bad) has been a great experience.