Thursday, December 30, 2010

Full Read Ahead!

January Magazine contributors just got through listing their dozens of favorite books from 2010. But already, the mag is up with its picks for the best fiction of next year. Editor Linda L. Richards explains:
It feels a bit like crystal ball-gazing, sure it does. And it’s also like searching for 10 needles in a haystack. Still, here we are taking a run at it: In the glorious literary year that will be 2011, what will be the 10 most important books?

It’s a dangerous business, this sticking out of necks. You have to be prepared to be wrong or corrected. Plus, fate can throw a monkey wrench into the works. But the way we see things right now, this is how it looks: an exciting year of books. Despite continuous rumors of falling skies, the world of literature continues to evolve and even to thrive, depending on how you look at things.

Now, clearly, there will be thousands of books published in the English language in 2011. Narrowing that exciting field down to just 10 titles in an impossible task. We’ve done it anyway. Here are the 10 works of fiction that will be published in the first half of the year that we’re currently anticipating the most.
Among those 10 are four works of crime and thriller fiction that deserve notice. Click here to see all of January’s choices.

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