Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Losing a Father Figure

Tom Bosley, the Chicago-born actor who most American TV viewers probably remember best for his supporting role as Howard Cunningham in the sitcom Happy Days, died today at age 83 in Palm Springs, California. TV Squad notes that his demise was caused by heart failure, which followed a battle with lung cancer.

In addition to Bosley’s portrayal of the lovably grumpy “Mr. C.” on Happy Days, he starred as small-town Maine sheriff Amos Tupper on Murder, She Wrote. And he played the crime-solving Chicago cleric, Father Frank Dowling (a character created by novelist Ralph McInerny), on the 1987-1991 series Father Dowling Mysteries. (You can watch the series introduction here.) Bosley’s résumé also included appearances on Naked City, The Defenders, The Mod Squad, The Name of the Game, Sarge, Banyon, McMillan & Wife, Ellery Queen, Burke’s Law, Family Law, and ... well, the list just goes on and on.

Bosley seemed like such a permanent presence on our TV screens. Unfortunately, nothing in this life is permanent.

READ MORE:Tom Bosley and the Black Dahlia,” by Larry Harnish (Los Angeles Times); “Tom Bosley Dies: A Great Voice Gone,” by Dave Rosenthal (Baltimore Sun); “Angela Lansbury: Tom Bosley was ‘the Most Warm and Loving Individual,’” by Joyce Eng (TV Guide).

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Rural View said...

First the Beav's mom, Barbara Billingsly, and now everyone's favorite dad. Sad how many TV icons are gone. Loved Bosley as Father Dowling, and on Murder, She Wrote.