Monday, October 11, 2010

Heed the Starting Bell

Ever since its debut in December 2008, the Webzine Beat to a Pulp has demonstrated uncommon quality and maturity in its story selections. Editors David Cranmer and Elaine Ash have eschewed the merely shocking (for the most part) in favor of abbreviated tales that thrill and move their readers, and show the wide range of storytelling possible within the “pulp” definition.

Now they’ve taken a further leap by packaging 27 punchy Beat to a Pulp tales into a book--released this month--that’s appropriately titled Beat to a Pulp: Round One (CreateSpace). As author and blogger Bill Crider observes in his introduction, the contents include “action-adventure yarns, westerns, crime stories, horror stories, science-fiction stories, and more, a few of which are unclassifiable. Some of the authors are well-known. Others aren’t. Yet. But just you wait. The stars of the future are here.” Among the fiction-spinners represented in this 396-page anthology are Charles Ardai, Ed Gorman, Hilary Davidson, Evan Lewis, Sophie Littlefield, Robert J. Randisi, James Reasoner, Anonymous-9, and Patricia Abbott. Film expert and blogger Cullen Gallagher closes the volume with an essay about the rise and fall and rise of pulp fiction. And its knock-out cover art comes from James O’Barr of The Crow fame.

All of these goodies can be yours, free of charge.

The Rap Sheet has three copies of the paperback Beat to a Pulp: Round One (generously provided by Cranmer) that we’d like to give away to our loyal readers. If you want a shot at winning one, simply e-mail your name and snail-mail address (no P.O. boxes) to And be sure to write “Beat to a Pulp Contest” in the subject line. Entries will be accepted between now and midnight next Monday, October 18. Winners will be chosen at random, and their names will be listed on this page the following day.

Sorry, but this contest is open only to U.S. residents.

Are you writing that e-mail entry yet? What’s keeping you?


Graham Powell said...

Man, I want to enter, but I just don't know. I've already ordered "Best Noir Stories of the Century", "The Big Book of Black Mask Stories", and "The Complete Amos Walker Stories".

That's about 2500 pages and should take care of my short story needs until early 2012.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rap Sheet Man:
Thanks for the plug. I'm honored that you mentioned me. I already bought a copy and have a bunch more on order. I'm very proud of it. Cranmer outdid himself on this one. Thanks for running a contest and raising awareness of the book. It really helps.
PS Fer Chrissake Powell, if you can't read the book, at least enter the contest and use the cover as a piece of artwork on your bulletin board. Use your imagination!

Graham Powell said...

How can I refuse that?

AC said...

Are some sites not publishing "mature" work? Hmmm...

Nigel Bird said...

can't enter as i'm a UK resident. great comp though.

there was a really good piece over at Spinetingler a day or so ago on Online sites who've moved into print and BTAP was mentioned there with a number of other worthy productions.