Sunday, September 19, 2010

Can We Help You Find Something?

One of my other favorite blogs, Boing Boing, recently featured this terrific photograph from a reader that shows a giant library desk made of nothing but books. The reader explains that “Books are reused to create this enormous piece of library furniture at TU Delft Architecture Bibliotheek [in Holland]. Because the books are stacked rather than dismantled, this desk is true to its origins as well as its function.”

While I have your attention, let me note that the third chapter of my serial novel, Forget About It, was posted earlier today in The Knowledgeable Blogger. I also submitted that chapter to the Wordle graphic creator. You can see the results here.


Mike Dennis said...

If someone leans on that library desk, Jeff, does it fall apart?

J. Kingston Pierce said...

What a frightening thought!