Friday, September 24, 2010

But I’m Nowhere Near So Natty

Over at Confessions of a Mystery Novelist, blogger Margot Kinberg has posted a distinctly unscientific quiz that helps you identify which famous sleuth you would most resemble, were you to go into the detective business. After the answering all of the questions, it turns out that I’d be the next Hercule Poirot. Here’s the description:
You notice small details and nuances of people’s behavior, dress and manner. You’ve found that casual conversation is a very useful tool to find out what you want to know--especially if it is something people would rather not tell you. You’ve got a gift for getting people to confide in you, and you put that to good use. You’re good at intellectual puzzles, and find them engaging. Some people call you egotistical--even arrogant--but you know your own skills!
Hmm. I was kind of hoping to be the next Lew Archer, or maybe discover my cognitive commonalities with Ellery Queen. But neither of those characters is among Kinberg’s choices. Instead, her quiz pairs you up with Harry Bosch, Stephanie Plum, Precious Ramotswe, Miss Marple, Inspector Morse, or Agatha Christie’s brilliant, mustachioed little Belgian. Given those choices, I suppose I can’t really complain too much.

Click here to try your own hand at this quiz.

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Austin Carr said...

It says I'm like Stephanie Plum. I think it was the pet hampster.