Friday, August 20, 2010

Fond Memories

Today’s “forgotten books” choices on the Web fall into two general categories. At the suggestion of series organizer Patti Abbott, a number of contributors are touting works they loved when they were between 18 and 23, college age. Other bloggers are continuing the usual popular pattern of recommending books they like, but that no longer receive much--if any--attention. Among the crime fiction being plugged today: Passing Time, by Michael Butor; Casino Royale, by Ian Fleming; L.A. Confidential, by James Ellroy; The Talkative Policeman, by Rupert Penny; Point Blank, by Richard Stark; House of Flesh, by Bruno Fischer; Unaccustomed As I to Public Dying, by Larry Maddock; Run for Home, by Sheila Quigley; Bloody Halls, by Carl Brookins; The Diamond Ransom Murders, by Nellise Child; and the Witchblade TV tie-in books.

Abbott features four more novels, plus a fantasy series, in her own blog. Click over there too to find a complete list of today’s participants.

READ MORE:Read, Johnny, Read,” by B.V. Lawson (In Reference to Murder).

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