Friday, August 06, 2010

Come Again

My favorite (and, well, only) nephew is getting married tomorrow, and I’ve been enlisted in a number of associated activities. Therefore, I have less time for blogging at the moment. But I want to be sure to alert readers to today’s crop of “forgotten books” posts.

In the way of crime fiction, this Friday’s offerings include the following recommendations: The Eyes of Buddha, by John Ball; Cat Catcher, by Caroline Shaw; Yellowthread Street, by William Marshall; They Don’t Dance Much, by James Ross; 120 Rue de la Gare, by Léo Malet; Green Grow the Tresses-O, by Stanley Hyland; A Study in Terror, by Ellery Queen; One for Hell, by Jada Davis; Client, by Parnell Hall; The Immaculate Deception, by Iain Pears; The Rising of the Moon, by Gladys Mitchell; Homicide My Own, by Anne Argula; Ringmaster of Doom, by Brant House; Murder Among Children, by Tucker Coe; and Supernatural Sleuths, edited by Peter Haining.

You’ll find a full accounting of today’s associated posts in Patti Abbott’s blog, plus three other suggestions of oft-overlooked novels.

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